Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Pretty Ladies

These little ladies, plus some more pretties, are now available in Meet Me At Mikes and Kids In Berlin. I took them in yesterday and realised, due to Grand Final Day, that it was a year earlier that I first took my stuff to Kids In Berlin.

I also have some new stockists in different states which is exciting. My badges are now in Sydney at Dragstar clothing in Newtown and my bags, wallets and pouches will soon be available at Hive Gallery in Canberra.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Old Haunts

I spent the last two days in Ballarat and Bendigo on a bit of a tourist trip with Gareth's Ma and Pa. I went to uni in Ballarat but have not been back for a long time. We went to the Sovereign Hill and Mt. Buninyong on Tuesday, as well as looking at a Mural I painted with other first year students in the Bridge Street Mall. Today we went to the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and I forgot what a great Gallery it is and was kind of sad I was one year off the art school move to Camp Street. I also went to my favourite Op-Shop that is only open Wed/Thu/Fri and got some buttons, books and fabric. In Bendigo I found a lovely little shop called Bobs Boutique with lots of familiar items being sold including Allira Tee and Mingus. The drive from Bendigo back to he Dandenongs was a long one but when I arrived home my GreenOlive scarf was waiting and it is stunning, I can't wait to wear it out.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Little Birdy

I got a massive fright earlier this afternoon when I heard what sounded like a bird in the next room. I was home alone and thought I was going crazy until a minute or so later I saw it flying around. The only window open in the house was a small window in my studio and it was only open about 10 cm. He got out when I opened the door and left a few treats around the house.

The new bag is available in my Etsy shop. I have made three already and the last two are almost made but I need to decide what type of strap I should have for them. I'm enjoying sewing up the smaller sized totes as they come together a bit quicker and I like the look of the small size with the dual fabric.

Available on Etsy!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bogged Down Busy

I have finally had a chance to post again. The last two weeks have been busy with school but now I am on holidays and can get back on track. I made a new bag today with the screenprints of the city with the blue and orange colour combo.

I decided I didn't want to do the wallet fold with them right away but thought it was too small to make a tote. I realised that a smaller tote would be fun to make and the denim dual fabric would work well with the orange. It was also quicker to sew as it was a much smaller bag compared to my other totes. I didn't put a pocket inside because the bag isn't that big and the straps are quite short.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is a print I created recently using a photograph of Melbourne. I took the photograph outside Kids In Berlin on Victoria Street in North Melbourne. I had been planning on using the images for a screenprint, but because it was very intricate I thought I would burn it onto a screen. However I got impatient and decided to try cutting it out. Although I didn't get the super fine detail I wanted, it still ended up looking good. I decided to go for the blue/orange colour combo which is very bright. I am going to turn them into dual fabric wallets so the cityscape view will be changed a little, but I figure I can always make more. I would like to see them on the bottom of a bag or on a t-shirt also.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Doily Girls

After a busy weekend in the city I'm back at home, missing a shoe which is most probably lying lonely in a Richmond street after falling out of my bag. They were not suitable winter shoes, but I wore them all winter, and now it was coming into spring they were perfect. However I now have a reason to get new shoes.

I purchased some paper lacy doilies with the aim of working them into some collages. I used some as a stencil for screenprinting onto fabric then did some pen and ink drawings. I thought the paper would not work well with the ink because it is thin, but it works perfectly due to a tiny bit of wax or something like that in the paper. I plan on stitching the doily onto A4 paper because the subtle white on white with the lace and paper creates a lovely shadow. Click on the images to see the full size in flickr.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

White Stitch

This is another bag in a similar style to the ones I made the week before. The print didn't turn out super crisp because I had already used the stencil and the ink formed tiny dots due to printing onto canvas in the previous run. It wasn't a bad non crispness as there was a uniform nature to the dots around the edge, but it wasn't perfect. I decided to stitch around the edges, but ended up going a little free form over the design with the sewing machine and white thread. I'm taking this and some badges and pouches to LuminaTextiles in East Malvern.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Little Pretties

I have some new spring ladies made up ready for spending time out and about. Some will be going to a new stockist in Sydney (ohh la la) and the others will be out and about in Melbourne town. I like the pink beehive lady with the flower in her hair. The pink felt is the perfect shade, not too bright, not too dull and not too sickly.

I'm doing a morning tea on Friday for work, so if anyone has any ideas for things I can make please tell me. I don't need to make too much food because it is only for 10 people, but I want some delicious treats for some lovely coworkers, who on a Friday morning want something to make them feel good.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


NEET magazine came out last night and I have an advert on page 82! I had a quick squiz and there is some great stuff in there, including beautiful Ali J drawings from I'm always happy to see Australians getting big features. There is also adverts for and Cocoapod!

NEET Magazine - Spetember 07

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ladies Of Lindenow

I put two new bags up on Etsy, although I made them last month. Now that we are in spring, taking photographs that are not too dark is possible again so today I had a little photoshoot in the somewhat sunny front room. I plan on making some more screenprints today on red canvas and getting lots of work done. I need to update my website as well, as it is a little outdated and needs refreshing. Both of the bags are available on Etsy.

White target

Ladies Of Lindenow