Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ladies Of Lindenow

I put two new bags up on Etsy, although I made them last month. Now that we are in spring, taking photographs that are not too dark is possible again so today I had a little photoshoot in the somewhat sunny front room. I plan on making some more screenprints today on red canvas and getting lots of work done. I need to update my website as well, as it is a little outdated and needs refreshing. Both of the bags are available on Etsy.

White target

Ladies Of Lindenow


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Hey spunkrat.
We've nearly sold all the felt ladies - so d'ya wanna pop in, in a fortnights time and we'll fix you up and grab some more for the new Mikes too! xx pip

my word verification today was - vxpuflop

Penguin & Fish said...

super cute. love the circle one.