Sunday, September 02, 2007


NEET magazine came out last night and I have an advert on page 82! I had a quick squiz and there is some great stuff in there, including beautiful Ali J drawings from I'm always happy to see Australians getting big features. There is also adverts for and Cocoapod!

NEET Magazine - Spetember 07


Ali J said...

I saw it!! I saw it!! ~dances about~

It was so cool to see you in there. There were so many Australians that I spotted in there, I was very pleased.

Your ad looks FANTASTIC!! Congratulations. =)

Anonymous said...

I bought a little red head from Mikes. I can not rememeber her name. I am hoping to wear her to Japan at the end of Septmeber.

greenolive said...

is its a print mag or online mag? Where do you buy it?

Anonymous said...