Monday, November 02, 2009

Once Upon

Angela from Leeloo and Renee from Art4Friends have organised an exhibition opening later this month called Once Upon. The theme is fairytails and I've been working on my artworks over the last few weeks. I had some real issues working out what I was going to do with both the style I wanted to work in and the media I wanted to use. After a rather tense day last week I'm feeling much better about the artworks and am currently in the production stage, as you can see from the mess on my desk in the image above.

I often have this love hate relationship with the work I do, and I know when I push through it I come up with something I am happy with but that uncertainly can really bring out some ugly thoughts. All part of the process I guess, but during these moments I get why artists are often drug and booze addled depressives who slice of their ears and drive too fast in the Hamptons.

Gareth and I will both be coming up to Sydney for the opening on the 19th of December at aMBUSH gallery in Waterloo. If you're in Sydney it would be great to see you at the opening, which I am looking forward to as it is a little mini break.