Monday, May 25, 2009

This made my day today

One of my most favourite people in the world, Aisha, lives over in London. Living in London isn't something I've ever really had any desire to do, until she shifted there a few years ago. Lucky we can play google street view together and I can have a look around where she lives. Aisha and her busband Ben are both very talented, particularly with words, music and film and this clip above is for one of Ben's song called When I Fell Over In The City. If it sounds familiar, that is because we used it in our Able and Game Mother's Day film. They also star in the film, you need to wait till the end to see Aisha, but it is worth it, in a eek eek eek kind of way.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was reading an old copy of Frankie from July 2007 and it had a funny interview with Bob Evans. He said his ideal Saturday night is staying home with his wife, cooking dinner, drinking three bottles of plonk and getting "plastered" then watching her dance and maybe dancing if he was plonked enough. It made me laugh because it was probably my ideal Saturday night, particularly if the wife got up and danced to Beck.

Oh if you have ever hung out in the Etsy forums then you might get a laugh at this post by Jodie, which made me laugh just as much as this new card Gareth came up with.

And finally, the drawing above is available as a print from Able and Game and is listed as an A5 print in the Etsy shop. We also have some new listings if you're wanting multiple cards and want to save a few bucks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had to set up some studio shots today to use for an interview, some with me in them, but I had nobody to help me. Lucky my camera has that 10 second delay and I have a little tripod making the whole thing not too painful. Although with the blinds open people walking along the street could have seen me looking awkwardly at the camera trying to look natural. I sent some to Gareth as a proof and he said the smile looked a bit forced and suggested putting some 30 Rock on to help out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've put some more items for sale over in my Etsy shop, and there is still free shipping for Australian shoppers, so if you're wanting a bit of a bargain then this is the place. The grey and red pouch has been screenprinted with a wildflower design and features boxed edges so it can stand upright. The yellow brooch is machine stitched and features vintage fabric and hand screenprinted fabrics. It is quite large, about 7cm/2.75" at its widest point.

Oh and I forgot to write about Able and Game's feature in The Age. I was up at 7am to run to the newsagents, onto to find they didn't open till 7.30am but were unpacking all the papers. I had my market float on me that I grabbed on my way out and gave him exact change so I could get a copy. He wasn't impressed but I wasn't waiting 30 minutes in the cold. I was looking through my flickr photos the other day and found my version of the card below.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm putting some older stock in my Etsy shop at sale prices over the next few weeks. Today I put four small tote bags up, they all feature handcut screenprints and are big enough to fit all the essential items with a strap long enough to go over your arm and sit just underneath.

Gareth and I had a busy weekend with our Able and Game Mother's Day cards and I was lucky enough to have him helping me at Rose Street. Thanks to all the people to supported us by purchasing our cards online, at the market or via our stockists. The next big event is Father's Day next month for the US, Canada and UK on June 21st so I think tonight will be spent in front of the heater drawing.