Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was reading an old copy of Frankie from July 2007 and it had a funny interview with Bob Evans. He said his ideal Saturday night is staying home with his wife, cooking dinner, drinking three bottles of plonk and getting "plastered" then watching her dance and maybe dancing if he was plonked enough. It made me laugh because it was probably my ideal Saturday night, particularly if the wife got up and danced to Beck.

Oh if you have ever hung out in the Etsy forums then you might get a laugh at this post by Jodie, which made me laugh just as much as this new card Gareth came up with.

And finally, the drawing above is available as a print from Able and Game and is listed as an A5 print in the Etsy shop. We also have some new listings if you're wanting multiple cards and want to save a few bucks.


myf said...

your new monkey card is brilliant! so timely.

Sam said...

These are gorgeous! Love your work!

Laurimar said...

so pretty..