Monday, June 16, 2008


I got home on Sunday and went to take some photos of some new fabric I printed and realise that over the weekend I cracked the LCD screen on my camera. I went into a massive panic mode thinking it was the lens, then realising it was the LCD, then realising that it was also very bad. Luckily Gareth is one of those sensible types who not only think about getting home and contents insurance, but actually go out and organise it. I am not one of those people and after finding a Flickr forum post saying it isn't covered in warranty realised I could still be paying off a camera which doesn't work particularly well.

I was also surprised when I called AAMI on a Sunday that not only did I get to speak to someone, but when I first called I didn't have to go through the whole press 7 to go to blaa blaa blaa, someone answered right away and asked what I wanted, then transferred me through. I got a call from my case worker at 9.30 am this morning and should have a replacement by the end of the week. All in all I was pretty impressed with how painless it was, I was expecting headaches, tears, a lot of paperwork then a lot of weeks and waiting before I would even hear anything. I am very thankful that this wasn't the case, that I have a sensible boyfriend, but annoyed at how careless and silly I am with things that I own. I was going to put the ugliest picture I could find of myself up as punishment, but figured that would just look strange, so opted for some artwork instead.


Penny said...

Congrats on sensible boyfriend picking - good with computers AND insurance.

Jenaveve said...

Wow, harshness! Glad the insurance thing worked out though... I do those sorts of things ALL the time. First week I had a new camera, I managed to scratch (or mark) the LCD and I've never heard the end of it! It's only a little scratch, but I tend to do these things too. :)

Bridget Farmer said...

poor you! but i'm glad it all worked out do well.
i'm surprised my camera still works the amount of times i've dropped it from great heights onto solid surfaces. i'm thinking of getting one of those ones from the adds where the dog chews it up for my next camera, although this one is still going, amazingly.

littlebird said...

ha ha i am laughing at your punishment of yourself, if i posted an ugly picture of myself on my blog every time i did something careless, no one would ever visit my blog!
glad your camera will be fixed soon : )

Betty Jo said...

AAMI have been fantastic to us when our house was flooded and the car written off.We got real people too.Its good to know little things are also covered.
Did you find a hair dresser?

Anonymous said...


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