Sunday, May 18, 2008

Duck Duck Goose

Bridget and I spent another day doing some bird drawings at the museum last Thursday. I was a bit put out when I realised I had forgotten my pencil case as I had crammed it full off all sorts of drawing treats before leaving. They have some containers with pencils at the museum so I knew I wouldn't be totally without and I still remembered my brush and inks.

This time we had a duck, which was a little tricky to draw (but not as bad as the owl, he was really hard work). I tried drawing a specific beak angle about 8 times over and over and still didn't seem to get it right. This drawing above is a water colour and pencil combination. I think next week we have booked some birds of prey and I plan on taking bigger paper to accommodate them.

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Emmarose said...

wow, this is pretty traditional for you! Love the colours. Show us more!!