Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cutie Cutie

I put these little ladies up today on Etsy and Dawanda and thought they were winning any cute competition my badges might have been having. They don't always look cute, I had one recently that look a little stupid, as in her IQ was in the mid 90s. She wasn't bad, she just didn't look like smarts was something she had.

If you are wanting a bit of a giggle have a look over at the Madeit blog for a feeature I did on fellow Rose Streeter, Kirsten from Ig Headquarters. Her drawings are fabo and funny. What a great combination.


Kara said...

It's nice to think not all the girls have winning IQs! Maybe they are just more creative... hee hee!

Emmarose said...

Why not both; GOOK lookin' AND Smart! Like us! teehee.

.girl ferment. said...

oh they are cute! is it just me or does your blog link on your front page not work anymore?

Sherrin said...

you're right, these are seriously cute.