Monday, May 12, 2008

Gold Leaf

I made up some collages today using a variety of different papers including this gold paper, the stuff you get from the Asian grocers. I've had it for about 5 years and never used it much, but discovered today it works perfect with blue thread.

I also included some of the green silk I found in Footscray last week and paper from a French dictionary and music sheets. Collaging with my sewing machine is one of my favourite things and my plan is to make a series of 6 collages using the same paper and fabric to sell.

I lay all the items on each sheet and then start planning the composition, starting with one item and then placing everything else around it.

The inspiration comes from the shapes and using the lines in one object then lining that up with another shape. Bauhaus posters and design is something that is also an influence and I find limiting my objects helps me create the artworks much better.

I think making a little video of the way I place the objects could be interesting project because there are decisions that I make and ideas which I scrap before I come up with the final idea. Then I hope it all stays in place when I start to sew it up. They are available on Etsy.


Amanda said...

Great stuff! Your work is always interesting. : )

Sophie said...

love the collage. love the colour/paper combo.

my friend wrote to tell me that she loves Bev (one of your lovely lady brooches), so i thought i should pass that on.

happy crafting!

Leni and Rose said...

How very interesting - I really like the inclusion of the French music paper. Great! said...

yeah i loved the little swallow! i looked at it when dan was setting up & couldn't resist it by the end of the day! it was lovely to meet you by the way!
oh and i like the contrast between the thread & paper here too

Beat Black said...

whoa, you totally sewed that paper! lol. its really cool looking

littlebird said...

i love the way you "draw" with your sewing : )

acldesignscards said...

I love your work. Your collage is the best! I tagged you for a meme on my blog--just wanted to let you know. You can check it out at