Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lacy Legs

After my last print of the legs and mary jane shoes I thought I might try something a little different. I unearthed my bag of lace out the other day that I purchased last year for a Howard Arkley project we did at school with the lace used on the paintings to create patterns. My plan was to use it in a similar way as a stencil with the silkscreen and create pretty patterned tights. You can see my stencil above, waiting to be messed up with red ink.

It didn't work out the way I wanted and too much ink came through the lace and I discovered that it seemed to work better when I used the inked up lace directly onto the fabric. Although I didn't end up with the result I was after, I discovered some different techniques and have already started an artwork using the inked up lace. I think if I use a thicker lace, maybe even the plastic stuff, I can still end up with the results I was looking for in the first place. More pictures of the process are on
Flickr and I will post more photos of the discoveries tomorrow.


matilou said...

that seems very cool ! i'd love to see the result !

T said...

I know exactly what you mean, I just tried painting over lace onto a collage I am working on and it did not turn out as I had hoped. Too bad because I think in theory it would look so great, but I guess you never know unless you try right? Can't wait to see how your experiment turned out!

Emmarose said...

You might try spray painting through the lace, less paint that way.