Friday, February 22, 2008


Someone told me about this website called sodaplay when I was doing my Dip Ed. It is an application where you can make these creatures and it's quite mathmatical and technical. I can't explain that well, have a look at the website and try it out for yourself.

Everytime I went to do it with a class at school it would never work due to the Java Script. Lucky I always had a back up lesson planned, but it was a shame because I think teenagers, particular boys who were into maths and science, would have enjoyed it. And when you're an art teacher you are always trying to find a way to interest the maths and science kids.

I managed to log into the site with my trusty username and password I always use and I had some creatures I made a few years back. It takes a while to get used to the workings of it, and I get jealous when I see the really technical creatures other people have created, as I tend to go for the crazy arty ones that don't really work. Here is an image of something I made which I named "Beezle". Not sure why, but it was fun to look at it again.

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