Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little Journeys

Last night out internet with down so I sat and worked in photoshop with an image I had created using inks and monoprint. After I had finished working on it I decided it would be fun to trace over the image and see what would happen. I used a pen on a low opacity and just scribbed in the image, then added an outline to it using a black pen, this time not tracing. I ended up going really crazy with the image and it ended up looking like some blonde tiger barbie creature.

Below is the original drawing, a cut out filter in photoshop, then my traced image. You can click on them to see the larger version in Flickr.

I find working with artworks and then using the idea from that to create another artwork the best way to work as I often come up with the idea I like the most 7 or 8 steps into the process.


Shell said...

This is cool! Love your figurative stuff lately - it's a lot of fun. It's interesting hearing about the way you work too - I would never think to work like that!

Rachel said...

Oh wow! They are awesome drawings, very cute indeed :)