Thursday, February 21, 2008

10 Years/10 Days

A lot can happen in 10 days. I just re read my post from the 11th of Feb and it said this:

At the moment Gareth is watching Star Trek and I don't like that show much*.

Tonight, after we finished watching a film I said this:

Can we watch Star Trek now?

God help me.

Oh and in 10 years, a lot can change also. This is me 10 years ago in Belgium

*at all. I can't stand it.


scarlett said...

Ahhh, it creeps up on you, doesn't it! I used to watch a bit of Star Trek while I was waiting to flick over for some show on the other channel to start. Pretty soon, I stopped switching altogether. You'll be wearing funny ears soon. xxx scarlett

CurlyPops said...

Oh my god, that's very scary. Sometimes is easier to watch their crap rather than fight over the remote control and then you find that it's not actually that bad after all (except if its cricket).

Chalk and Cheese said...

You don't look that much different. Those parkas were all the rage weren't they? Especially good for going out to dance parties!

Emmarose said...

Be warned, my husband is a Trekker and it is highly addictive and is linked to disorders of the bowels! Teehee seriously though, my hubby has watched Trek throughout all 3 of my pregnancies whilst I slept wearily and I swear that my second child learnt to speack Klingon long before she spoke English!!!

Anna Laura said...

The parka was actually my aunts from the 70s I think, I just took it because I liked it better than the silly ripcurl snowboarder one I had.

My boyfriend is a big star trek buff, although he never wore the outfits to school casual days like other people I knew in school.

jodie nicholson said...

Andrew has somehow turned me around on watching sci-fi. He's quite proud of himself.
I'm working on a long term payback plan.