Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morning Tea

Yesterday I went along to the morning tea at Meet Me At Mikes. It was nice to get out of the house and meet up with other arty/crafty people in an environment full of pretty things and lots of tea and pretty biscuits. When I was there I got some Kirsten Doran notepaper wrapped up in a cute little pattern paper bag by Brooke.

Since I've started working from home I've found it harder to get motivated. I have little rules set in place, which seem to be working, but I think my expectation that I will make hundreds of things in the day gets me down even though it is not going to happen. I feel busy, but I worry I'm not getting enough done.

One of my rules is get dressed in the morning because in my ideal world I would wear my PJ's all day long. The one day I didn't do that the Real Estate agent came around. I thought of making an excuse like I'm not feeling well, but I realised my best bet was to make no mention of it and act like everything was normal, including the fact that I was not correctly dressed and it was well into the PM. I was only in PJ bottoms, if I was in the whole PJ ensemble, I would have probably just said, oh I'm sick today and coughed a few times. I like to think he didn't notice.

Okay, here is a little blast from the past photo. It is from around 2000/2001 and is my bedroom when I was at art school. The large artwork in the middle is mine, and was a drawing I did from a study of an old library in Ballarat.

The artworks on the right are prints using a Riso printer in high school. We had to develop an image though a little machine by putting this blue plastic mesh and a photocopied image through at the same time, then it was "stretched" onto a plastic frame and we printed with it like a screen print.

The posters on the left are from Victoria Theatre in Gent. If you ever get a chance to see anything they do, run, don't walk to whatever it is. I saw some of their shows 10 years ago when I lived in Gent and I think today it would still be cutting edge theatre, but the stuff that makes you excited, not the stuff that makes you cringe.


Kara said...

You make me laugh... I am the same! I wear my pjs around with scruffy hair til Steven comes home then I quickly wash and get dressed. It's quite disgusting really!

I will do the same and make the effort.

It is very hard to get motivated at home. I will remember to email you to check up how you are going!

P.S. Hanging out for Melbourne next month!

Bridget Farmer said...

what you said - "I think my expectation that I will make hundreds of things in the day gets me down even though it is not going to happen" sounds very familiar. i get so dissapointed with myself for not acheiving everything i planned, even though my plans were actually totally unacheivable in the first place.
i've been stressing myself out everyday! but now that my mum and her man are over visiting it has made me step back and relax about it all a bit. it feels good! get your relatives round to stay for a week or two! and don't worry about it!

i HATE having to have a shower in the morning, then i HATE even more having to decide what to wear. even though i like clothes.

Stacey said...

It was great to meet you yesterday - so nice to put a face to the fantastic work!

Michelle said...

You're making me wish I lived in Melbourne rather than Canberra!

art4friends said...

this post is absolutely hilarious. i know exactly how you feel all too well.. and i dont even have the excuse of really working from home. I mean im trying, but at these stage because i still have another job and am not making a living family just think im a massive internet bum with no modivation. hahaha such a shame.

maybe you need a uniform! :D