Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Numbers Just Don't Add Up

I've started working on the paper from the books I scored at RMIT. When I was cutting it out last night I was impressed with the different textures and keen to try them out because they were all so different. A lot of the pages have numbers, diagrams and formulas on them as well, which should be interesting to work with.

I did some drawings of men, from some drawings I did at Rooftop Market. They are a little like my Valentine's Day card geezers, and I like to think they are men who work in the engineering industry and probably read the books when they did their degree.

This one below is called The Numbers Just Don't Add Up and was the second one I finished and is available in my MadeIt shop. The first was used in Illustration Friday and I called it I'm Just Looking Over These Numbers. You can see a larger version on my Flickr.

The Numbers

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Bridget Farmer said...

hi anna, i can just see this guy as a student reading this book, you've captured him perfectly!