Monday, February 04, 2008


I had a busy weekend starting with Rose Street on Saturday. I spend a good part of Friday afternoon looking for something to hang the bags from and some picture frames. I didn't have too much success but did come away with some fancy Pierre Cardin shoes that look like they have never been worn. When I got home I realised the white partition my Dad made would work and maybe I didn't really need anything after all.

I was worried that it would be much harder at the market because I was on my own. The last five I did before Christmas were with Jodie and having someone with you all day much such a difference. However as soon as I arrived Bridget from Bridbird came up and said hello and was quite close by with her friend Hayley just next door. I also got one of Bridget's bird pins which are so beautiful. I didn't know which one to get because they were all so beautiful. In the end I selected the willy wagtail and I'm very happy with my choice. I also suggest having a look at Bridget's new blog, I found it on Saturday night and was excited because the drawings are so beautiful.


art4friends said...

omg your stall looks wonderful!

how did you go?!!

Bridget Farmer said...

Awww thanks anna! I'm glad you like your brooch, I'm looking forward to the 14th so I can present jeremy with your unique hand made lovely card, gosh!
I'm looking forward to the next etsy meet. It was very interesting. Hopefully I can stay longer for the next one.
see you soon