Thursday, January 31, 2008

You're constantly on my mind

helly hotty

I worked today to get my studio into a better working order. I think it is about 90% there, most of the boxes are sorted out and these are boxes that really were not sorted out in the other house. I have a few more things I need to deal with and my aim is to have it done by next Monday.

Tonight I’m drawing the winner for the newsletter signup, so everyone who signed up in January, keep an eye on your inbox because I will be selecting an email just after midnight.

Some important things dates coming up:

This Saturday the 2nd is my first Rose Street for the year. If you’re in Fitzroy pop by and say hello. It starts at 11 and goes until 5pm.

This Sunday is our Melbourne Etsy Meet. We are having a picnic in the park and have quite a few coming, so if you have not heard about it, please come along. For more information, check out forum post. This link has all the details.

Oh and the fellow above, looking off into the middle distance thinking of his only true love. The one he thinks about all the time, and cannot work, sleep or eat because of her. Little does she know of his constant thoughts, little does she know of him, because he is too shy to say hello.


jessicajane said...

i love your artwork. and a picnic sounds lovely! too bad it is supposed to rain wehre im at.

Betty Jo said...

If I didn't win the newsletter signup
I have decided I must acquire a girly badge very soon! Now I just have to choose one. They are all so lovely.
xxBetty Jo

argylewhale said...

Poor guy.

art4friends said...

I dont know if etsy told you but one of the lovely little cards is one of the featured items in this article!


Emmarose said...

Hey Annalaura I would love it if you read my blog today (1 Feb) as I would appreciate some advice - from one creative to another.....please if you have the time.

Anna Laura said...

Thanks you for the lovely comments.

Jessica, rain is a good thing, we really need some here I think!

Betty, someone else won the little competition, but I will be running more in the future, so keep you're eye out!

art4friends - thank you for the heads up!

Emma - done and done!

amy said...

oh he's a sweetie :)