Monday, January 07, 2008

Violent Resentment

This is the second artwork I have put up on Etsy from the series of four mono prints of the same image I did yesterday. This one has red lines in the background and was created using the traditional mono printing technique. Something I really like about mono prints is the texture and the extra ink you get on the page. Although it is nice to get a perfect crisp black line with no extra bits of ink, sometimes I like those extra areas of darkness over the page. Another thing is it is lovely to colour in with ink because the printing ink works as a little barrier, so painting inside the lines is much easier.

Violent Resentment

Today I decided to make a new bag design and I created a trial bag before I started on the good ones. The trial was in white and I might take some photographs of it because it looks really lovely with such a large amount of white fabric. I designed a little floral pattern for the bottom of the bag and I have three more in red and denim cut out and ready to be sewn up. The bag is huge, there is enough room in there for a small army. It is actually quite handy and I might make one for myself as I often use my green country road bag circa 1993 for carrying lots of books. I used it last year when I was teaching all the time as I could shove everything into it and off I went. Although the thing I loved about that bag was the opening was so huge that the shove was a quick easy task.

Big Bag


Dudley Redhead said...

I love the combo on the bag, denim, pleats and embroider. very nice indeed!

Jason said...

The pleats are a nice touch!

Anna Laura said...

Thank you. The flowers are actually a screenprint. I wish I could embroider like that!