Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An Eternally Present Past

An Eternally Present Past

People And Love

These are the two artworks I did on Sunday when I was monoprinting. Although with a monoprint you only get the one print, I like using the same image to create a print and then working on them in different ways. They both have a different look to them but you can tell they are from the same image. Both are available in my Etsy shop and I'm thinking I might do some more but start with the ink and then add the monoprint on top, so the registration will be off.

I just sent off some badges to a new stockist in Western Australia. The shop is called Lick Clothing and they are in Fremantle and Cottesloe. I'm quite excited to have a new stockist on the other side of the country as although I have never been it is nice to know my little ladies are heading over on my behalf.

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Chalk and Cheese said...

I really like the colours in this second one above. It's a completely different look to the first one which is bolder.