Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inky Stitch

Love and Ladies

Here is one of the romantic girls I mentioned in the previous post. As you can see she is right into romance, you can tell by the look on her face. This one was one of my favourites because of the lovely green colour. I imagine she dates someone called Larry who looks like Liz Taylors ex-husband, the one called Larry of course. Because of that, I don't think she would feel lovey dovey all that often.

This is an artwork I made yesterday after being inspired by Lara's houses. I thought it would be good to work with ink on canvas then add the detail in with black thread. Kind of like a combination of this artwork and this artwork, both done quite recently. When I started this I accidentally dropped some ink on the background area, so painted the whole thing in blue. I had not planned on doing this, and when I started to add the stitching detail, realised he was floating in space. I added the border and something for him to sit on.

I like that you can feel the stitching line, it leaves a bit of a shadow as well creating a 3D effect. I'm planning on making some more as test runs to see where it will go. I quite enjoy stitching on the mounted frames, although these ones are quite small so not too difficult. I did one in my third year of uni which was over a metre wide and long and it was all stitched. It was a little insane and I was threading needles with meters of thread, causing large knots.


Cherryskin said...

I found your illo on IF, and came to your blog because I had to comment, and WOW a fellow Melbourne arty/crafty gal, on whose blog I have previously lurked! I wanted to say I love your illo and indeed your artwork in general. I aspire to drawing as honestly as you -- at the moment I have a lot holding me back (lack of confidence mainly).

Vhrsti said...

This blog is very good! Love your sweet works here and your enthusiasm.

greenolive said...

Lovey Dovey is more romantic than Hanky Panky isn't it? I just love the stories you make up to go with your images or ladies! Nice green too.