Monday, January 14, 2008

I want you

I'm over packing and I have not even started. Here is another romantic man drawing. I'm thinking of making them into Valentines cards, but I have to work out where to get them printed. I looked online and I can't seem to find places that will print cards, if anyone knows somewhere please advise me, I'm a little lost.

I like this guy, he kind of looks sad and lonely and I imagine the girl he wants is pretty hot. He looks a little shy, the type of guy who sits in the cinema alone treating himself to popcorn and fizzy every Sunday afternoon as he has nobody else to go with.


Bec said...

you;ve probably already had a look here, but Moo is fantastic for things like that. A little exy maybe, but great service and quality items.

Anonymous said...

I use Zoom printing in Drummond st.
Carlton. They may be a little expensive but I'm happy with them. Just make sure all your images are on the one PDF file. I deal with Danny.