Saturday, January 12, 2008

2 Years

Gareth and I found a new house and signed the lease today. Very exciting as we were both starting to worry we would not get a place. The house is much closer into the city and also nearish to the beach. We get the keys next Saturday so we have the not so enjoyable task of packing up our house. We have been living in the hills for the last 2 years so although it is sad to leave it will be nice to get closer into the city again. I was looking through my folders for each rental house we have had and found a photo of my "studio" in 2005 when I lived in Brunswick. It was my first year of teaching, so I'm not going to be too hard on myself for my lack of any work in the studio and I think this photo was taken when I had moved into the larger room. I did end up using it a bit, but not like I am using my studio now. It is nice to look back on old photos of houses we have lived in and when I saw the totally bare studio I was quite proud of my current studio, despite it being a total mess.


Lara said...

hey congratulations, that's great!! you must feel so relieved now to have found a place, and sounds like it's much closer to G's work. What suburb is it in?

Mmm moving sucks, but at least it's a good opportunity to throw out crap and consolidate things a bit.Kind of refreshing :)

Penny Eager said...

congrats! it's nice living near the city... dandenongs are good for day trips :)