Friday, January 11, 2008

Tiny or Big

little and orange

This is a tiny coin purse I made last week from an off cut from one of my screen prints. The main part of the screen print was turned into this orange bird pouch and I forgot about the off cut and put it in my spare fabric box. I sorted through it last year when I took it to school for the students to use and realise I had quite a few screen prints which could be used for smaller items. I've been making quite a few coin purses, some of them really small and the offcuts of prints are perfect for them and I'm glad I'm using up smaller pieces of fabric.

This is my large red tote bag I made a few days ago. I often have a lot of trouble photographing bags, as this is the only spot to do it in but it is often really dark. I decided to keep the whole view in this photo as it looks really good with the plant and artwork as well as the door. The artwork is from my final year of Art School in 2001. It has little mono printed drawings on old book paper, cut out and places in little muslin pockets and stitched onto the wall. In my third year we had two big exhibitions, one in Melbourne and one back in Ballarat. My plan was to exhibit this work and keep my favourite artworks for the final display back at Uni. I was working on a series of ten artworks and I thought they had to all be together, rather than just display a few of them. When I explained this to my art teacher he told me I HAD to exhibit the other works. I'm glad I listened to him, although I am still quite fond of this work.

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Emmarose said...

Hello again... I love your style annalaura! I love the bag and the coin purse. Love your artwork also.... Could you tell me please who makes up your little tags like the one you have sewn into the coin purse please? I would love to use something similar in my fluffy quilts. Thanks