Monday, December 03, 2007


I didn't realise how wet it was today until I got off at my station and the underpass was flooded. It wasn't that deep, but deep enough to get inside your shoes, along with grit, yuck and friends of the floating beer bottle. The woman in front of me was wearing sneakers so I felt worse for her as I just had little slip on ballet flat things. On my walk home, which isn't very far, it poured down so hard I was sopping wet when I got inside. That is summer in Melbourne for you.

I popped into Meet Me At Mikes in Fitzroy today, my first time visiting the store. I thought it looked fantastic and all the softies out the front looked great. Coming from someone who still sleeps with their teddy bear, I know a lot of kids out there will be mighty pleased with the new Christmas present they get. I also found out I'm not too late to take the ones the kids made at school in on Thursday.

The weekend stall at Rose Street went well, although Meringue and I were pretty warm inside under the hot tin roof. We had a few double sales where people purchased items from both of us which was great. I stitched up some lady brooches which helped make the time go quickly and as always Jodie and I had a good laugh at various things throughout the day. I'm glad I can say inappropriate things to her and I don't get strange looks.

This week I have plenty to do to get new things ready for the next market and some stockists. I finish work next Tuesday, but before then I have a lot I need to get done. Makes me wish I got started earlier, although I feel like I have been busy for the last few months. Thank god reports are finished.

I have a new stockist on High Street in Northcote called I Dream A Highway. It has it has been open since August and the shop looks really great. I got to see some of Liana Kabels very lovely jewellery and they had brooches made from the people from Guess Who. My sister and I played that game a lot. She can probably still remember the way we both HAD to have the people lined up. She was always blue and I was always red. Come to think of it it might be around the wrong way. Eliza, leave an anonymous comment to correct me.

Okay last thing, for those of you in Australia there is a great show on tonight. 30 Rock, Channel 7, 10.30 pm (and again on Wednesday night). It is written by Tina Fey who I may have a girl crush on, it also has Alex Baldwin in it. I have not seen it for a while as the new season has not started, and I'm crossing my fingers it wont be cancelled as it is one of my favourite shows, right up there with The Office and Arrested Development. Summer television is my favourite time of year.


Hollabee said...

yikes! I heard the rain in the east was pretty bad. I don't think we got more than an inch in the west and to be honest I didn't even realise it was bad until I read it on the ninemsn website during work. Hope it wasn't too bad. Looks like the market is working well for you two..that's awesome. I must pop in when I have a free Saturday...take care

Anonymous said...

I was red. I think the guy with the mono brow was at the back, as was Gordon the bald guy.

Anonymous said...


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