Sunday, December 09, 2007

Collage Work

These are a series of collages I did for my workmates for Christmas presents. I used things specific to them including an old Melways. I'm nervous giving the artworks to them because I'm not sure if they will like them. Gareth isn't too keen on the white stitching on the white because he thinks it doesn't stand out. I like it because it is subtle and something you don't notice from far away so when you come up it is a nice surprise.

The last two weeks have gone by in such a blur, I seem to have been so busy that I didn't even realise our aerial was broken so we had no television. I have been watching television, but mainly shows from online like Project Runway, Project Runway Canada (new favourite), Survivor and The Amazing Race. Now that I have almost finished school I will have more time to get things done and the list is piling up quickly.

On Thursday night I went to the I Dream A Highway's opening and met the lovely Sophie from Mistress of the Upper Fifth. When I got to the opening I realised I might have to use some dorky intro lines as I didn't know anyone there, but Sophie came up and said hello so I didn't feel like a total loner.

I also attended the Meet Me At Mikes shopping night and had a lovely chat to Martine and Auntie Shabby, Peta Pledger and Lara. I wasn't planning on staying long as I had a big day teaching on Friday but with pizza, superdoopers (Deep Space Lime is my favourite) and great company and things to look at, I ended up leaving at 9.30. There was a door prize and it seemed very strange when we decided to go inside to see if it was going to be drawn and as we walked in the number being called was Martine! I also got some lovely items which I will post about later as they are Christmas Gifts and I don't want to spoil any surprises.


Hollabee said...

Lucky you...shame I couldn't be there but I'm sure there'll be many more events...I'd love to meet you :)

Love the artwork, it looks fantastic...I'm sure they'll love it, handmade rocks!

greenolive said...

I like the subtle white on white look too. I'm sure they will love them. If they don't give em to me!