Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rooftop Market - Melbourne

Yesterday I had a stall at the Rooftop Market, at Curtin House on Swanston Street. It was a great place for a market as the view over the city was pretty cool and even though I went up the Rialto the other day for the first time I think I preferred the view from Curtin House. I also got to meet Jenna Appleton and Lara Cameron popped by as well. It went a lot quicker than Rose Street because it was only 11- 3.30 so I was home by the time I normally pack up. The wind was a little annoying and I couldn't put my badges out because they would have ended up flying around Melbourne landing in peoples drinks. Below are a few images I took of Melbourne from the rooftop. If you're in Melbourne on a Friday in summer come by and have a look and have a drink and enjoy the view.


KreativeMix said...

looks wonderful!!!!

Shell said...

Wow. It sounds as though Melbourne has a lot of wonderful markets - I will have to fly down one day to check them all out. It also appears as though the indie handmade thing has taken off down there - it's a bit slow here but things are starting to happen which is wonderful. Your stall looks great.

art4friends said...

some things i realised after discovering your blog.

1. you are an amazing artist, i had only know you for your felt pins (which i love, but there is so much more).

2. once again another good artist is from melbourne. i should start packing.

3. you are pretty inspirational, i want to be this successful.

haha sorry if i sound like a stalker! but i felt it was neccessary!!

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