Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blue City

Little Blue Pouch

This little blue pouch above is available on madeit.com.au featuring my city print. I made a new discovery with my screenprinting today, although it is still at the early stages and I will post some images as it develops. It might be something lots of people know, but I have not seen it before, so I'm hoping it all wasn't just a fluke and it actually works.

I was having a quick browse on madeit and there are some wonderful things available, so if your still meant to be doing Christmas shopping I suggest having a look for some last minute items. Hopefully Australia Post gets the stuff moving fast, I know my local Post Office was busy the last two days. I think that is one thing I will miss about living in the hills, the people at my local Post Office are really sweet and lovely.

If you're in Newcastle or Canberra I have sent off some new bags, pouches, wallets and coinpurses to Betty Mim and Hive Gallery. At the moment my Etsy shop has no badges, although there are a few up on madeit. I plan on doing a badge update on Thursday as I'm changing the cards and have thirty new ladies ready to go.

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art4friends said...

oooo it looks lovely!!

the hills?
where in the hills?
i live in the hills!

hehe although i dont like getting specific on this big wide web.

but crazy!