Thursday, December 13, 2007


Red Pouch - Streetscape Print

On Tuesday I finished work and I am now officially self employed. I'm not sure what I tell people I do now, there are a few options and I'm not sure which is best suited. I was part of a little goodbye video at the school prize giving the other night and I assumed it wouldn't say why I was leaving as not many people knew, but in big letters under my name it said "new business venture". For some reason this didn't sit right with me, mainly because when I see the word Venture I think of the Targetesque store we got our clothes from in the late 80's and I do not remember that place fondly.

My first two days of "work" have been busy getting orders ready for shops as well as preparing for the Rooftop Market tomorrow. I was hoping after Christmas I could relax a little bit, but it turns out we will be shifting a lot sooner than planned. I was hoping to move closer to the city in about six months time, but it is going to happen a lot sooner than expected and so my favourite job of looking for houses, going to inspections, waiting for an answer from the real estate, shifting and cleaning will be taking place in the next month. I'm hoping there is a reason for all of this, because at the moment I am looking at this house thinking, I don't want to leave (yet).

I have a lot of new things that I have made over the last two days. Above is a little pouch with a screenprint of a cityscape. I have not made the move to exposed screenprints yet as I have not had time to fix what was not working so I'm still working with the paper cut outs. I think when I do move over to exposed prints I will miss working on the cut out stencils. There is something about being limited with design that appeals to me and I often draw something with no idea which part will be removed and cut areas of the design away so the finished stencil is quite different to the original drawing. The image of the houses was a lot more detailed, but I only cut out the windows and roof areas, so it looks much different.


Penny Eager said...

Congrats Anna! That's freaking awesome (and scary). I am hoping to do the same thing some time next year and become fully self employed.

I tell people I am a designer. I think it works.

Jason said...

Good Luck with everything! I'm sure you'll be a success!!!

veronica darling said...

ANNA! I can't believe it! Haven't checked in with you for a while as have been stacks busy, and that's such good news!

Wow! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes, but I'm sure you're on top of it!

Anonymous said...