Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hot Stuff

These are some little drawings I did of Gareth while watching the television. He liked the bottom right hand corner which was surprising because I was laughing as I drew it because it was so unflattering.

I've just finished Project Runway Canada and Survivor China tonight. Both ended up really well and I wasn't sure who I wanted to win going into the start of both finale episodes. I love watching the reunion show for Survivor just to see how much everyone changes when they are no longer on a diet of rice and fish and without a bathroom. I have enjoyed watching both of them so I'm sad they are over. Project Runway Canada was really great and I was impressed with it from the very start. But there is still the US one going, so I'm getting my dose of it after a year without.

I went Christmas shopping today in a shopping center in Melbourne. The weather for the last three days has been a little crazy and Gareth and I got stuck in storms twice in his little Mazda 121. The one on Thursday was really strange because we were driving and suddenly we could not see a thing and had to pull over, but the water on the side of the road was getting deeper and deeper. I was worried it would flood and the car would be like the ones on The Age website, in a metre of water, wonder how they got there in the first place and why someone would drive into water that deep. The shopping centre was total madness, I got a car park in a place I didn't know existed and one of the levels on the carpark looked like it was flooding. I was worried when I came back down I wouldn't get out and would be stuck there, but I needed to do shopping so I had no choice. It is all done now, so tomorrow Eliza, Gareth and I head down to the farm where it apparently isn't raining and enjoy the craziness of Christmas.


greenolive said...

I like the one on the top left. I braved Chaddy on Saturday morning. Still raining and fogging this morning, I wonder if this weather will ever clear. Last year Mt D got snow on Christmas Day. Maybe again this year? Have a good Christmas. Would be nice to catch up before you move.

Hollabee said...

Have a great christmas, and lets keep out fingers crossed for better weather ;) (even though we need the's been enough now)

mizu designs said...

hey i know the weather's been crazy. i had a party in that insane horizontal rainy weather on saturday. are you moving to sandringham? don't know if i've ever been there either. it's on the south side right (sorry north-sider here)?

CSM said...

I had a big discussion with my dog Minnie and we thought Biddel should win and we were right! yay. I loved him and his collection was incredible, I just hope that he will get the right kind of help that will nuture his talent and not just piss it all away? I hope you have a great Chrissie, it is 44' over in Perth today and we are melting, not me, I am under the aircon and not going anywhere! (found you via Ali J who I am working with on Resin pendants)