Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Badge Pack

New Packs

I got my postcards today for my new badge packaging. I'm excited about not having to print these myself anymore because sometimes the description were a little too long and would print over the edge. This annoyed me a lot because I don't like to waste things like paper much and sometimes I found 20 or more had one letter missing, so they had to go. They also look a lot better and on the back they have care instructions.

I did a big round trip of Melbourne today going from home in the hills to Dandenong for my tax return, then to Fiztroy for lunch with Peter, then to St. Kilda to the printers, then to Sandringham and Highett for a house inspection, then home to the hills. I don't think I have been to Sandringham before, so I went to check out the beach and decided I wanted to live there. I think finding a house might be quite hard as I am sure everyone wants to live there, as it is so pretty. I took a picture with my camera phone to show Gareth:

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