Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Feeling Jaunty

This weekend was a 4 day weekend due to the Melbourne Cup. I like to pretend I have two weekends, and when Monday comes around I like to think it is Saturday again.
Although many people would have been looking all sorts of glamorous today, I for one was not. I spent most of the day at my sewing machine in my PJ's sewing up some pouches for The Hive Gallery in Canberra. I did decide to inject a little glamour with some race inspired drawings although I have never been to the races. For some reason all I think of are shoeless, drunk, spaghetti strap wearing woman (or men!) that are sunburnt and slurring. My lady below is none of these things and would never take her shoes off and she has the added advantage of not showing off all of her lady baps.

Today I was not feeling jaunty

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Penny Eager said...

Such a demure little lady!