Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meringue and I will be at Rose Street Artist Market again this Saturday from 11-5. Come along and say hello, hopefully this time we wont be so tired, although after today and a full day of teaching I am tired and unable to do much at all.

On Sunday Meringue and I will be at the Brunswick Indi Artist Market at The Aldermans on Lygon Street in East Brunswick. We are going to have a stall on Peira Street Lane and it runs from 12-4pm. The pub opens for beer at 3 so come along and have a drink with us!

This is another of my new artworks, this one has tulle in the hairpiece which was fun to work with. I liked the dress in this artwork, although it looks nothing like the original picture, which wasn't a bright red dress! I'm enjoying using yellow and red together at the moment and might try doing some screenprints using the same combination.

Waxy on waxy off

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