Saturday, August 04, 2007

How long have you been a red man?

I was making some new cards for my badges and I got ink over all of them. I decided to do some drawings on the card rather than waste it. I started this drawing by putting drops of ink on the paper then smudging it. The shape that came out what a man shape so I added to him so he had a few more features.

I have been making lots of new badges this weekend. I have a new range of badges coming out but I will post more about that when they become available. It is interesting looking at some of my older badges that are from early on and they are quite different now. It is nice to look at your own work and see the improvements.


Liss said...

Hi Anna,
Ah so it was Dorothy that drinks goon...hehe I really like her. I love the new display style for your badges. I had alot of fun looking through them at Mikes. My favourite was Dorothy!! I laughed so much when I read her story. Then proceeded to show everyone in the they could enjoy it too.

oh and good idea with doing drawing on the ink instead of wasting it.


MyCharlieGirl said...

I love him !! He is so cool !!


greenolive said...

The role of chance – don't you just love it!

Anonymous said...

...about fifteen years

Anonymous said...

...about fifteen years

Aline said...

Is this a song?