Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lady Map

I've been doing some more monoprints today with the aim to give one to a friend going overseas. Before I did the "good" one I like to do some tests to make sure the ink is at perfect levels. This is was one I did after the main event. It was a lady over a page of an old atlas. I likes how her eyes turned out with the softer shading for the eye lid. I coloured her top in with a variety of red inks left over from the main artwork I did.


greenolive said...

I remember doing monoprints at art college, but I don't think mine ever looked this good!

MyCharlieGirl said...

Awesome :) How cool are monoprints !!! I did some last year and had an absolute ball doing them..... Yours turned out awesome....i love how you did them on an old atlas.... !!!! I did mine on boring old white paper hahaha!!!

Much love