Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crane And Brain

I'm two disks into 90210 and I am rather embarrassed that I said I liked Brian Austin Green as he is very dorky. However I think I liked him when he was a few seasons in, dating Donna and running the school radio. I forgot all about Steve Sanders. Poor Steve, nobody liked him with his two minute noodle hair.

I've been busy making badges this weekend and I have some little pouches in design mode, with one finished. I found some lovely heavy denim on Friday night and it looks fantastic with a red, cream and blue print.

I also listed a bag and more badges on Etsy. The bag is on orange cotton and is made from multiple shades of orange so looks like silk. I got it from Job Warehouse way back when and added an origami applique crane. I think I might have to pop in again on Saturday when we have our next Melbourne Etsy Meet. Although I am not sure if they are open Saturdays.

The badge is Petra and she has a crush on Red Hunt. I like her swirl as it is nice and well balanced. Whenever I make badges and the stitching comes out perfect I am always happy as it isn't always easy to do.

Origami Tote



crumpet said...

Eek! Job Warehouse! You're brave. ;)

greenolive said...

Brian did improve with each season! Two minute noodle hair describes it perfectly – his hair always bothered me.