Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Breakfast Club

This is Heather and she has a super high beehive with a black on red colour combination, the first time I have ever tried it. I often forget about black because I use it for the eyes and wee Heather has seductive eyes.

I'm just watching Age Of Love. I'm a sucker for reality dating shows, and this one is one of the worst, however I have not seen any of this one and just caught the end of it then. Where do they find these people?

I have more tele viewing this weekend with the first three disks of 90210 delivered in the mail. So I might end up with some badge ladies called Kelli, Gabrielle and Brenda with sweet early 90's hairdo's as I stitch away remembering back to when I was 13 and loved Brian Austin Green.

Heather Isn't A Fat Girls Name


Cathy said...

ah yes, the good old 90210 i never used to miss an episode! although i think i was more into jason and luke and my sister was into brian - does that mean i'm older than you? lol

posiepatchwork said...

Oh, do you visit the Chalk blog, Jenny is always on about the hunky boys on 90210, Angel, Dawson's Creek. Our teenage years were simple times. I want them on DVD too, oh, i missed the last 2 years of 90210 as we moved to Darwin (in 1998 they had one commercial channel, gulp) & still don't know how it ended. Argh!! I think my children would like 90210 as much as i did. They like Angel, hmmm, not sure why they are watching Angel DVDs, but i think that is how father's babysit sometimes?? I have been met in the drive with 3 little girls saying "watch me kick like Buffy" before. Their little brother is usually the victim vampire to be slayed.
Anyway, i've been meaning to visit your blog for ages, it's so pretty & those badges are clever. Love the BeeHive!! Do a series of our 80's and 90's show favourites, but did anyone ever like Katie Holmes character?? Or Katie herself??
Love Posie

Martine said...

Brian was way too young and sweet, Dylan was it for me.