Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Marta and Lucille on Romance

I have a new artwork in my Etsy shop. It is another red ink, black fineliner and stitched on paper. This time I used red thread which always looks great on white paper. The artwork is very red and the lacy paper adds a touch of glamour.

Marta is an original artwork and is available in my Etsy shop: annalaura.etsy.com

This is Lucille and she is one of my favourites. The yellow swirl is even stevens which always makes me proud. I was looking at some of my first lady badges from around a year ago and I was rather shocked at the improvement I have made. Lucille is also available on Etsy in my Tuesday update.

Lucille loves herself and she is on annalaura.etsy.com

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Penny & Cinnamon Moon said...

Lucille is really lovely, the stitching is SO neat! Good one!