Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Like the time I got my head stuck in a rock

This is in response to Meringue's post about "fun times". This is Gareth and I on our anniversary. Either 2 or 3 years, I can't remember. We went to Lygon street, ate some food, drunk some wine and chased possums around Carlton Gardens and swung on the swings. As I said, fun times.

There are new badges on Etsy, this is one of them, purple hair, gold stitching and blue eyes. This one is Chelsea and she hates finding out her "internet boyfriends" are really 15 year olds. Just like we all do!


jodie nicholson said...

The Awesome Drunken Foursome should get together some time soon to chase possums....with beer in hand.

Sheeps Clothing said...

Chasing possums sounds like fun. Hope you caught the little buggers - they pee in my roof!!
As for why there was no wine in the risotto - I'd rather just drink it...