Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Me Jane

Tinky from Oz Arts And Crafts has featured me in her blog. Have a look at past posts as she has features some other great Australian artists.

This is a little lady I called Jane. I like the badges with these hairdo's which I like to call The Stackhat, although it isn't pink which is a shame. Jane is on my denim jacket which I scored when someone took mine home by accident at a restaurant in Glasgow. My jacket was some no name brand and this one is Levi.

Me Jane, You Tarzie!


Sheeps Clothing said...

Aah stackhats!!
A friend of mine made her Stackhat back when they first became compulsory. It was an icecream tub, painted pink and held on with a ribbon that went under her chin. Weird thing was it had a genuine stackhat sticker on the front.
I might try the jacket trick next time I go to a restaurant. Go there in cheap clothes, try and come home in good stuff. Now don't tell me it really was an accident......

amy said...

stackhat :)

MyCharlieGirl said...

My sis was in Meet Me at Mikes the other day.... she was telling me about some of your work....it was a piece called Delora (sorry if i spelt it wrong). Apparently Delora gets drunk on Goon and sleeps in the gutter????? Go Delora !!!!! I think this is awesome...my sis wants to get it...she said it reminds her of her uni days when she was so poor...i want delora too!!!! xoxoxoxoxo