Monday, May 14, 2007

Blue On Blue

This is the blue wallet with the blue print now available on my Etsy shop. The print looks really bright and stands out on the pale blue fabric, which looks like denim but was really soft and not very stiff. I interfaced the fabric with a thick interfacing and the lining is black linen. I think I will make some more things with this fabric because it is really beautiful.

I love fabrics with two different colours of weave through them, particularly ones with white weave. I found some lovely emerald green silk which I think will make some pretty wallets, I'm just a little scared to screenprint on it in case I ruin it.

Blue wallet with blue screenprint, available at


LimonVerde said...

Looks just great. Is it silkscreened orr a gocco print?

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Ali Jane said...

I love this item, it is so pretty. The screenprint design has worked out really well. It is so nice to meet a fellow aussie who blogs and is on etsy. xox

inaluxe said...

I found that mental cat memory game link on your blog, and what do you know? i've been nuts playing it for the last 45 minutes. I now can't tell the difference between a cat or bird. LOL. I love the cross weave fabrics too by the way - know what you mean. They are gorgeous. You make the best purses!

sheeps clothing said...

Hi Anna
Gorgeous stuff as always! Thanks for the link.

sheeps clothing said...

Hi Anna
Lovely stuff as always. Thanks for the linkl.