Monday, April 16, 2007


I made some wallets with a lovely bright blue fabric I purchased at Job Warehouse last year. I had it cut to make a tote bag, but it was big enough to create three wallets so I decided to make them instead. I screen printed onto one side of the wallet with a dark orange ink and it is a hug contrast against the blue fabric. The lining is orange polka dot fabric and I also did one in a yellow fabric which is available at Kids In Berlin.

Available at Kids In Berlin and Etsy

I'm going to be away until the 26th of April on a 9 day camp in East Gippsland. Although I wont be here to answer emails, Gareth, my Distribution Manager will be in charge of shipping off any Etsy orders. He does a good job and likes trips to the post office because he can also go to the bakery for scones and diet coke, unless it is a Friday and he gets pies and sausage rolls. Yummers.

Here is some of the stuff I currently have on Etsy and a chance to play with the Etsy Mini.


Lara said...

Aha! I thought that orange bag with the bird print sitting in the window of Kids in Berlin looked familiar! It's got pride of place. Hope your stuff is selling well there!

about sheeps clothing said...

Hi Anna
Your blog is great. Thanks for the write up.
I've just created my blog address is
Do you mind if I add you to my list of links and write a piece about your stuff?

SylviaV said...

Distribution manager?! Lucky you! Nice wallets as well :D

Christina said...

Hi Anna, I found you via etsy, I also sell there and have my own website. I have added your blog to my fav links (am in the middle of updating at the moment). East Gippsland? I am from South Gippsland but am now living West of Melbourne. Nice weather for it anyway.

KJ said...

I love how you used the mini. I just have mine small in the sidebar of my blog, but yours looks just like the Etsy front page the way you've set it up. It's awesome.

ed said...