Saturday, April 28, 2007

Man About Town

I'm back from my 9 days in the bush and enjoying such luxuries as a flushing toilet, running water and a soft bed. It was fun, although I'm not sure that my ideal Saturday night would be digging trenches in the dirt for the water to run down to prevent my sleeping bag becoming even more of a soggy, muddy mess at 3am.

I listed a new artwork on Etsy. Since getting back I have wanted to try and get lots done, but everytime I walk into my studio I don't do anything. I look at something and then when I am about to start doing something drop it and touch something else. I decided to get the "good paper" out. There is more pressure to make something look good otherwise I have just wasted the paper (and I have wasted a lot of paper with strange drawings which I like, but not enough to bother finishing). This one is a little dark, which a lot of my drawings have been lately. The guy looks drunk and I got the idea from a drawing in an old sketchbook, although they look nothing alike. I'm not sure if the darker artworks are something people would buy because who wants a strange looking man sitting in their pretty living room? I just realised I have one in my living room from an a guy who was in Art School with me. All previous housemates refused to hanging in a communal area because it "scared" them.

Man About Town Falling Down


SylviaV said...

Eep. Not sure I'd be up for any more wilderness adventures, I like my flushing loo!

I'm tagging you!
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Have fun! :-)

inaluxe said...

I get distracted in my studio too - I go there with one idea in my head, fully focused, with a goal of what and how many to make, and then, I end up doing something else entirely... not sure I'm happy about my work habits. :)

I love your work.