Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stamps And Swaps

I have been getting lots of lovely parcels in the mail of late. I lot of business cards for the market coming up and some lovely items from some swaps I have done.

The first is a lovely scrabble journal from Little Put Books. Ryan had a very smart idea of doing a swap before her birthday so that she would receive a lot of surprises in the mail. I was lucky enough to get this, which arrived today:

I also did a swap with Uschi, who is an artist from The Netherlands. I got this lovely painting, which arrived yesterday.

I also ordered some stamps from Dial A Stamp in Brunswick. I got a wildebeest and some text with my URL. I am really happy with them and have been stamping all sorts of things. They are so handy for making quick business cards or swing tags or stickers. I need to get some colourful stamp pads because I only have blue at the moment. I think I might end up with a stamp addiction because I am thinking of all the possibilities.

This is what they look like:


Emma said...

Ohhh, nice swap goodies! I love the journal! Your stamps look great too :)

Cherry Rockette said...

why thank you miss annalaura!

i really like your unusual choice of the wilderbeestie..very cute..he's all stampy and trotting!

Shell said...

Great stuff! I especially like the journal - so neat. And that stamp rocks.

Oh, I did your tag too!