Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Socks and Sandles

I've been tagged by the lovely Lara from Kirin Notebook. Like Lara I am a tag virgin.

The rules go something like this:

1. Someone tags you,
2. You post five things about yourself that you haven’t already mentioned on your blog,
3. You tag people you’d like to know more about.

1. I tricked a boy in Primary School into liking me by pretending to have a cousin called Lisa. I took photos of myself, tarted up with a foundation line and off the shoulder top and wrote love letters to him in a strange handwriting (he compared it to mine). He fell for her, then for me and I got scared and didn't go to the dance with him on the Bus Tour '91.

2. The last market stall I had was in 1993. A list in my sickly smelling diary of products we sold include:
-Recycled Cards
-Wrapping Paper
-Lucky Dip
-Crafts (Bookmarks, Bathpacks)
-Origami Sets
-Face Painting

3. I dated a boy in 2000 and I cannot remember his surname. It was the only boy I ever dated from 1980 till 2002 so I should remember, even though it was only 2 weeks.

4. When we first got the internet at school one of the people I emailed was the boys on CheezTV. They wrote back and I thought it was pretty cool, not that I liked or watched their show.

5. I played two seasons of cricket for Edinburgh Cricket Club. My top score was 16 n.o and I took two catches.

Now I tag Shell

These are two new drawings, the man in the socks and sandles is special. He is a little ladylike in the face.

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