Friday, January 19, 2007


Someone asked me if I could get my badges to look like people. I told them I couldn't. I tried, when I first started making badges to make one of Jim and Pam from The Office and it failed. I thought I might have a picture of it, but I don't, showing just how much of a failure it was.

However every so often badges come out looking like people. Today when I was photographing them I noticed a bit of a resemblance between a badge and Marcia Cross, famous for playing balding phsyco Kimberly in Melrose Place, and I guess for that other show she is now in.

Tomorrow is the Rose Street market, if you're in the area come and say hello. It's in Fitzroy, between Nicholson and Brunswick Street. I will have lots of bags, badges and pouches, and of course Marcia!


esta sketch said...

Pam and Jim badges would be *super* cute. Actually this reminds me of a badge i juuust saw on etsy...

See, I think if you just get the skin colour and hair colour right, and somehow sew some written reference to The Office into the badge (or even just type it in the description!) everyone will instantly recognise them! Just like with Mr. Coleman, above.

annalaura said...

The Gary Coleman badge is cute. The Jim and Pam badge just looked munted. It didn't look like them and was almost scary. However you're write about the skin/hair colour and reference working. I should try again, I really am sweet on Jim and Pam. God I love that show.

Sarah said...

That's funny! It really does look like her!

Catch you tomorrow :)