Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Summer loving

In the middle of winter you need something like this to cheer you up:

Summer Lovin' - Happened so fast...

I have now decided what I am going to do with my Etsy earnings (if I sell anything else that is). I am going to have a wish list of items (Overlocker, proper badge maker, mix master) and when I earn enough big bucks I can purchase my item. At least with the money sitting a pay pal account I am not going to go out and spend it. Oh wait, I will when I purchase things from the internet.
I got this brilliant necklace from my sister after her trip to China. It is brilliant, except it can pinch my hair when it is down. I have wanted one like this, but this one is good and it is really heavy, which I like.

I just started watching Project Runway. It's only the first season but I am already digging it. Oh and Freaks and Geeks.


Lara said...

hey annalaura! I was just digging around on Etsy to see if there were many Melbs based people making crafty stuff and blogging (like everyone seems to be in the US) ... and I found your site :)

You're making some neat stuff so I hope you manage to sell it on Etsy! I've been thinking about setting up a shop too but haven't got around to making much stuff. Anyway good luck!

TOTE said...

Hey there! I noticed you had left a heart on my Etsy site. I am from Melbourne but I am living in Japan.

I too have not found many Australian/Melbourne based fashion blogs either. I think I will start a Melbourne blogroll on my blog. I would love to link you on it.