Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I made this bag today and when I was making it I stitched the wrong side. I decided to not unpick the mistake and so the bag was wider rather than longer. It was going to be a tote. I then realised that it could be a messenger bag, althought that would take more work. Once I finished the main part, I realised it could still be a tote and added the straps I made right at the start. I am digging this bag a lot. Applique and screenprinting combined, who could ask for more?

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Oh and Freaks and Geeks is SUCH a good show. Why do kids have to like the O.C and shows like Freaks and Geeks get the boot?


Lara said...

Looks great! Nice colour combination. Love the polka dots. Have you seen the Myer window's recently though? They're trying to steal red/white polka dots away from us crafty kids - nooo!

Hey how do you do make your screens? Traditional methods or do you cheat like me and use a gocco?

Anonymous said...