Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ideas, starting out and teaching

Over the last three years that I have been screenprinting I've had a lot of people ask me how I go about it. I think if people saw my set up they would be quite surprised because you don't need much room to do it and it isn't that expensive to set up.

I've started thinking about running lessons for people who are interested in learning more about screenprinting and setting themselves up to screenprint at home. The type of screenprinting would be handcut paper stencils and printing with drawing fluid and screenfiller (which creates a permanent screen). It wouldn't be creating a screenprint using the emulsion technique.

Some things I would like to do with the class is:
  • Have it really small, with a maximum of 6 people
  • Set it up so you leave the class with two screens, a permanent one using the screen filler technique and another blank screen you can reuse with paper stencils.
  • Have different items to print on such as fabric, calico tote bags and canvas frames for stretching screenprinted artwork onto.
  • Some kind of tech support after the course is finished if you're having issues with printing.
  • The option to purchase a kit with inks/squeegee ect to take home after the course.
I would also like to offer a similar holiday course for teenagers (13-16 year olds) with a focus on printing onto clothing and bags to create a little brand name for themselves. Having taught teenagers, I know a few would be interested in taking some ownership over the clothes they wear and having the chance to wear their own designs or give printed shirts to friends as gifts.

So what I want to know is there people in Melbourne who would be interested in doing this kind of course? Any feedback would be really helpful as I've got super excited about the idea, but realise that maybe people might not be interested.


jessie said...

i think that is an awesome idea anna, I would be totally interested

Heidi and Seek said...

Great idea! I'm sure there would be plenty of teens interested, I know I would have been very keen.

I'm interested, anyway. It's something I've always wanted to learn.

Margarita said...

Hi there - i think this is a great idea. I've looked into local courses before but never booked in thinking the start up costs would be too much and I haven't got much room to dedicate to the set up. I would love see how I can screen print from home. I'll stay tuned :)

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

This is a terrific idea Anna. It probably would have made my not-so-stellar foray into screen printing the wild success it should have been.

Kirsty said...

I'd love to come to an Anna Laura screen printing session.

I've got a 12(?) year old who'd love it too.

Jason said...

I think my brother and I may be interested.

Lauren said...

Very good idea!

kate o'd said...

i want to screenprint! seriously, i'd love to learn. if you're running lessons, let me know. eliza has my number, or facebook me! p.s. i had comments on my lady brooch today. i told them where to go. (to get brooches, not to eff-off)