Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Butterflies and Kittens

Here are some more of my new screenprinted artworks. These ones have used a cut out shape to create a shape, with the rest of the fabric blocked out by the ink. The top one is stretched onto the frame, the bottom two have been stitched onto another piece of fabric and then stretched with the zigzag stitching part of the design. The fabric below is from Amitie and really very lovely, I might have to pop down and get some more, which isn't really a hassle because it is about 800 meters from my house and I walk down to Centre Road almost daily to do shopping. This is something I enjoy because I've seen up to 11 cats on the trip including fat cats, kittens and a couple of kitlers. Back to the butterflies, I designed these as artworks one might put up in a girls room. I'm hoping to do some art for a boys room as well, but with different fabric of course!


alixandrrraaa said...

these are so lovely and unique!

Sam said...

These are gorgeous!